Community of Lake Arthur

The Village of Lake Arthur has posted on the Ozark Trail Monuments. It remains as a sign post in the community today.  As part of the west it is true to ways of a ranching community where hard work and family are the core of the community.  Lake Arthur is located on the southern border of Chaves County New Mexico about one (1) mile west of the Pecos River on State Road 2.

Local Attractions

Ozark Trails Marker at Lake Arthur - Lake Arthur, NM - U.S. National Register of Historic Places
"The Ozark Trails Marker at Lake Arthur is an approximately twenty-one-foot tall concrete obelisk resting on a square concrete base. Located in Lake Arthur, a small rural community in Chaves County, New Mexico, the marker is situated in the middle of the intersection of Main and Broadway streets. Though missing its top and sidelights, and revealing a partially restored paint scheme, the marker retains its integrity of location, design, workmanship, and setting, and is a local landmark of the community."

State History of Education Museum

Scenic Historical Marker

Constructed in 1906, the Lake Arthur Elementary School has been memorialized as the oldest continuously used school building in New Mexico.  In 1989 the New Mexico Legislature designated the structure as the official New Mexico State History of Education Museum.  The Museum was dedicated on October 11, 1989, and features displays and artifacts from New Mexico’s School District.  It is closed at this time for repairs and renovations.