How and where to educate your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  When you enroll your child at one of our schools, you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with being part of a close community.  Our teachers, staff members, and administrators want to be part of a progressive small school district and are willing to work in a variety of settings to provide the best education possible at Lake Arthur Schools.

Inside Lake Arthur … a collaborative poem


There’s a city inside me                                                               Where everyone knows everyone
that is a town                                                                                     and cares for one another.
bigger than Lake Arthur.                                                                  There’s a city inside me


A city where “a great time”                                                              Just like my 99 cent tea.
means cruising                                                                                    Quenching my thirst.
with no lake.


There’s a city inside me                                                      Unlike the lake we traded for an Allsup’s!
where the only thing you hear at night                                    A city where lovely beats evil,
are dogs barking and little teenage girls crying                        especially the people.
Where the unicorn at the zoo                                                 Where seeing something “green”
was as real as your last break up.                                        is as likely as spotting a Roswell UFO.
There’s a city inside me where bright                            Where the train track trains are so LOUD
city colors are barely seen.                                                             that I hear it in my heart

                                                                                                            ...that I hear it in my soul.

Where the river clears your mind                                           
at night.


Where people take a walk                                                     Written from the thoughts of the Session I 
just to get some air                                                                      Creative Writing Students, New Mexico
like Michael Jordan.                                                                   School for the Arts, January 26, 2018


Where the birds don’t just sing,
they ask us to help’em
fine food.



Technology is the springboard to the future.  Each student is encouraged to expand his/her technology skills to their fullest extent.  Lake Arthur Municipal Schools has invested in providing a technology based for all grade levels, grades pre-K-12.  Every student participates in lessons and learns to utilize technology to enhance learning and spur his/her creativity.

Preparing for the Future:


All staff believe in the success of every student.  “Panther Pride is Commitment to Excellence.”  Beginning in sixth grade students work with the principal and the mentor teachers to set goals and develop a plan to take the first steps towards achieving those goals.  The administration and staff provide the tools and information students need to pursue their dreams.  Get started today.  Show your personal initiative and effort to seek your tomorrow!

Community Spirit:


Panther Pride is evident in the manner the students demonstrate the Panther Traits:  “Be Respectful”, “Be Responsible”, “Be Accountable”, “Be Safe”.  Panther spirit is moved by the support and cheers of the community.  Athletics brings the community and parents together to support the student athletes.  Success in the classroom and on the athletic playing field go hand-in-hand through the effort and the work at being the best.