To safely, efficiently and effectively transport students in

an environment that establishes an inviting setting to motivate and help foster student learning.


When it comes to our students, safety is first.  The  transportation services team takes seriously their task of delivering safely your most precious cargo to school and back home again.

District Contact Info:


Lake Arthur Municipal Schools

P.O. Box 98

Lake Arthur, NM 88253

Phone:  575-365-2047

Fax:  575-365-2002

Transportation Rules:


Student transportation is a privilege extended to students who qualify for transportation according to State Statutes. Careless or reckless behavior not only endangers the student but also the safety of others on the bus and on the road.  Students who do not obey the state and local regulations governing student transportation may have their transportation privileges revoked by the School District. The bus driver has full charge of the students when they are riding the bus. Misbehavior will be reported to the building principal.

  1. Students who walk a distance to meet the bus must walk on the side of the road on their left facing traffic, except on divided or multi-lane roadways.

  2. Student fighting is not permitted on any school bus transporting students or district personnel.  Provisions against fighting may be cause for disciplinary action to include suspension of riding privileges.

  3. Students must be on time at their assigned bus stop. The bus driver will not wait for students not at the loading area.

  4. Students must wait in a safe place, clear of traffic and away from where the bus stops. Students should wait in an orderly line and avoid horseplay. When loading, the students should clear the traffic area immediately.

  5. The driver is in full care of students when they are riding the bus. The student must promptly obey the driver. In the case when another school employee is on the bus they are also authorized to enforce student discipline.

  6. Students shall not get on or off the bus while it is in motion. Students must remain seated and keep aisles and exits clear.

  7. Without the advance permission of a responsible school official, students will not be permitted to leave the bus on the way to or from school except at their regular assigned stop or school.

  8. Students must occupy the seats assigned them by the bus driver.

  9. Students shall not be permitted in front of the passenger seating area while the bus is in motion.

  10. Students are not to carry on unnecessary conversation with the driver while the bus is in motion.

  11. Students will stay out of the driver’s seat and will not tamper with any equipment.

  12. Students must cooperate with the driver in keeping the bus clean.

  13. Rough or boisterous conduct will not be permitted in the bus; however, students are permitted to converse in a normal tone of voice while in the bus. Students should keep absolutely quiet when the bus is approaching a railroad crossing and remain quiet until the bus is safely across the tracks.

  14. Students are not to use profane language or obscene gestures and shall not eat any food or drink any beverage on the bus.

  15. Students should remember that misconduct or carelessness not only endangers their safety, but also the safety of the other students on the bus.

  16. Students should not extend their hands, arms, heads, or objects through bus windows.

  17. Animals, firearms, knives, explosives, breakable glass items, or other dangerous objects are not permitted on the bus. No item that will block the aisle or is unsecured shall be carried on the bus.

  18. Students must not open or close the bus windows without the permission of the bus driver.

  19. Students shall not throw any item inside or outside the bus while boarding, riding, or leaving the bus.

  20. The use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol or controlled substances shall not be permitted.

  21. Students will not ride on the outside of the school bus at any time or attach any item to the bus.

  22. Parents or guardians shall be held responsible for malicious destruction to the bus.

  23. Any damage to the bus from any cause shall be reported by passengers to the driver, and the driver will, in turn, report it to the proper school official.

  24. Students who must cross the road after exiting from the bus must pass far enough in front of the bus (approximately 8 to 10 feet) so that the driver can see them. Students will cross the road only when the driver signals all is clear.

  25. Students shall look both ways before crossing to the opposite side of the road.​