Instruction & Assesment

The future for Lake Arthur Schools’ students is a competitive, global economy. To prepare our students to meet knowledge/skills to be successful in the world of work, we base our curriculum on the New Mexico Common Core State Standards. Students at Lake Arthur High School may also enroll in Advanced Placement (AP), dual credit, and career and technical courses.


Common Core Standards

Lake Arthur Municipal Schools and the state of New Mexico have prioritize rigorous learning goals. Common Core State Standards (CCSS) teaches standards employed throughout the world, giving students access to the same standards regardless of the size of the school or location. CCSS offers a different approach to learning, teaching, and testing that engenders a deeper understanding of critical concepts and the practical application of that knowledge. It emphasizes higher order thinking skills and problem solving.  Developed by teachers and experts across the country, these standards prepare New Mexico students to be ready for college and competitive in both national and international job markets.


While Lake Arthur Municipal Schools adheres to these standards, the use of specific curricula and teaching methods are the decisions made by the administrative and staff.  Please utilize the information provided at the side of this page for specifics regarding what your child will be learning.

Advanced and Alternative Courses

Students have the opportunity to choose a variety of options to prepare for and even get a jump start on college and the workforce. Students should discuss this opportunity with the principal when deciding course schedules.

Testing and Assesment

The Lake Arthur School District participates in state-mandated testing programs. The NMPED establishes testing date windows for test administration. Please be sure to plan family schedules around this testing; we will not excuse unnecessary absences on testing days.