Planning For Your Future

Planning for your future begins with forming goals and striving to attain them daily. At LAHS, our guidance structure is provided by the building principal and the mentor teachers who provide encouragement along with the tools and information students need to prepare for college or a vocation as he/she works to become college/career ready.


We want you to take control of your future. We encourage you to take advantage of the services that are communicated daily during announcements and in mentor period.  Be sure to keep up to date on such career steps as financial aid workshops and career choice counseling as well as college and military presentations.


Did you know the efforts you put forth in school and in out of school activities build job skills? Imagine how sports help you work with teams and communicate. Think about how volunteering helps your social and helping skills. See that clubs and organizations build time management and organization skills.

Curriculum and Course Handbook

The Curriculum and Course Handbook contains academic information, graduation requirements and course descriptions and graduation requirements.

Next Step Plan

The State of New Mexico requires every high school student to have a Next-Step Plan on file. The Next-Step Plan provides a framework for your academic decisions as you go through each of the high school years in preparation for college, the world of work, the armed services, or other career endeavors.


Towards the end the of your 8th grade year, planning takes place in a series of mentor periods. Then you, your parent(s), and the mentor teacher study and evaluate your Next Step Plan. After an agreement is reached for your courses for the coming year, the Next-Step Plan is signed by you, your parent(s), and the mentor teacher/building principal.


We understand that plans may change as you learn of new opportunities and approach the time of your graduation. You’ll have the chance to update and change your plan to align with your current interests and goals when you review and update the plan every year. To ensure that you stay on the path to success, you are to review and/or update your Next-Step Plan prior to beginning your current year’s schedule.

How To Prepare

Your success is in everybody’s best interest. The LAHS staff and administration are here to help you on your journey to achieve your dreams. Schedule an appointment at any time with your mentor teacher and/or building principal if you have any questions or concerns.


Thinking beyond today is the most important thing you can do. Here are some guidelines to help you start planning your future: