Job Opportunities

Instructional Assistant


Employment Application Information/Instructions

Lake Arthur Municipal Schools. As a small rural school district we pride ourselves in being a leader in small school education opportunities, and moving into 21st education methodologies.
Procedure for completing application information
1. Complete all information and all sections of the Lake Arthur Municipal Schools’ Certified or Classified Application for Employment Form. Make sure all documents contain appropriate signatures.
2. Complete all sections of the Criminal History Affidavit. Your personal signature is to be notarized.
3. Complete all information at the top of the Certified or Classified Employment Reference Form. The form is to be signed with a typed or printed applicant name provided. Return this form with your Application for Employment Form
4. Submit all forms to the personnel office of Lake Arthur Municipal Schools.
Submitting an application does not guarantee an interview. Applications will be screened.
Interviews will only be scheduled for selected applicants.